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I can feel the beating of our hearts - Part 13


Warning: Contains explicit content. 

We finished dinner with the tension always between us, my pulse racing and my hands getting sweatier with every second and every intense stare from him. After we paid the bill we said our good byes to the owner and walked outside to the car. He helped me inside and closed the door until he opened the other door and sat down beside me. Shannon took my hand in his and his thumb started to stroke my wrist, the roughness of his skin sent a shiver down my spine. I turned my head to look at him, staring at his profile as he looked straight ahead, a small smile on his lips. I looked out of the window and watched the houses we passed, suddenly getting hit by the thought that this was our last evening in peace. Tomorrow we would have to leave to meet the others in Paris. A heavy weight sank into my chest, my body suddenly full of sadness and I knew that I wasn’t ready yet to face what was waiting for us.
I startled when his hand squeezed my knee softly and turned my head into his direction, looking at him confused. “We’re here Allyson.” He smiled at me before he exited the car and walked over to my side to open the door for me so he could help me out. We walked inside of the hotel and to our room, his hand holding mine tightly all the time. I shrugged my coat off and laid it across the back of the chair and headed for the bathroom but his hand quickly clamped down on my hips and he stepped up behind me, pressing his hard body against my back. I sighed at the warmness of him and already felt his erection pressing against my ass. I swallowed against all the bad feelings I had because of tomorrow and decided that I would not let this ruin our last evening here. I turned in his arms and wrapped my arms around his neck, looking at him lovingly. His face moved closer and just inches before his lips connected with mine he stopped and stared into my eyes and I knew that he was just searching for a sign that I would feel bad again but I tried to hide all the concern and everything I felt towards the next day and smiled at him softly.
 Pleased with what he read in my eyes he sank his mouth onto mine and kissed me passionately, his tongue playing with mine and shooting flashes of desire into my lower abdomen. I let my fingers wander into his soft hair and pulled him even closer; rubbing my body against his while he took my ass in his palms firmly, kneading the flesh tightly. I sighed loudly when his mouth moved from my lips to my throat and he sucked the skin between his teeth to bite down and nibble his way further down to my collar bones. He bit and kissed his way down and to the top of my breasts that was peeking out from my dress while his hands wandered over my back, searching for the zipper. He pulled it down and opened my dress until it fell form my shoulders and pooled around my ankles. He stepped back to look me up and down, admiring my body that was almost naked in front of him. “God damn it. You’re so beautiful.” I felt how I blushed at his words and smiled at him before I walked backward until my knees hit the mattress before I sank down onto the bed. He took his blazer off and pulled the shirt over his head before he stepped closer and looked down at me. His hand reached for me and brushed the hair from my face as I opened his belt and pants before I pulled them over his legs along with his underwear.  He groaned deeply when I wrapped my fingers around his length and started to stroke it slowly, looking into his eyes the whole time. After a few seconds I shifted in my position and took him into my mouth, sucking on his tip and moaning at the taste of him. My name escaped his throat in a husky moan and urged me to go faster.
Suddenly he pulled out of my mouth and ordered me to lie back on the bed and I gladly did as he told me. He crawled on top of me and with a swift motioned took my bra off and threw it onto the floor. Immediately his mouth closed around my hard nipple and sucked it into the warmth of his mouth, earning a high moan from my side. While he devoured my breasts with his mouth his hand took my panties off and added them to the pile of clothing on the floor. He settled himself between my legs and stared into my eyes as he teasingly shoved his thick length into me. I gasped loudly when he buried himself as deep as possible inside of my tight body and wrapped my legs around his hips as he started moving. He moved faster and harder, drawing screams and whimpers of ecstasy from my side until I felt myself getting tighter around him. “Oh Shannon. Fuck!” I couldn’t hold back as he hit the right spots over and over again and when I felt my orgasm just around the corner he leaned down and whispered into my ear, in this dark, sensual voice of his. “Cum for me baby. Cum all over my cock.” A high scream that should have been something like his name came out of my mouth as I let my release take control over my body and rode out my pleasure, sensing how he moved faster as well and followed me with a deep groan before he collapsed on top of me.  After minutes where we panted heavily and ma hands wandered over his thick, muscular back he lifted his head and looked at me. “We’re not finished yet.” I grinned widely and rolled us over so I sat on top of him, my mouth already searching for his again.