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Between heaven and hell - Part 13

It’s been over a month since the last show in New York and I was feeling better with every day now that Jared was finally home and with me. He was changing his attitude towards me a lot, taking care of me and the baby that was growing perfectly. We worked hard on our relationship, trying to get ourselves together. It wasn’t easy that was for sure but we were doing our best and it worked fine so far. Now that we fully accepted what was in front of us it was easier to see things how they were, to be happy about what the future held.  It was the day where we would finally find out if we would have a baby boy or a little daughter. Unfortunately Jared had to fly out for two days because of important meetings like he called it. I decided to not let this get me down and I promised him to call him as soon as I would know it.
I was lying there with my shirt pulled up and the well-known cold liquid all over my stomach. It wasn’t pretty obvious that I was pregnant by now but I felt it in every other part of my body. My boobs felt weird, my feet hurt and my hormones were still freaking out. The doctor was talking to me about how everything looked great and the baby was growing well. She was at the point where she could finally see the gender when she looked at me and smiled. It took me a few moments to realize what she had just said as my heart was beating faster than usual. In a shaky voice and with teary eyes I asked her if she was sure. “Yes I am. There you can see it, a strong and healthy baby boy.” I felt the tears of happiness running down my cheeks at the fact that my dream was coming true. I wanted a boy, we both did and now it was official. Of course we would have been happy about a girl too but a boy was what we wished for so the happiness was overwhelming. After I went out of the doctor’s office I took my phone out of my pocket, already searching his name when an idea sprang to my mind. I wouldn’t call him, I wanted to do something special so I made my way over to my car and drove into the mall. I called Tanja to quickly inform her and we shared our own moment since she was having a boy as well. It took me quite a time to find everything I needed but after about two hours I made my way home, with full bags and a bright smile.
It was already getting late when I finally found the motivation to get up from the couch and set up what I had planned. He wouldn’t be home before sunrise so I had plenty of time. The energy had left me when I got home from shopping so the first thing I did was grabbing some ice cream and watching a movie. I felt asleep on the sofa, as always, since I was tired as fuck almost all the time but luckily woke up with enough time to set up my surprise. I grabbed the bags on my way to the bedroom before I opened the door and gave myself a few minutes to think about it again. I turned on the music and started to unpack my stuff. I tried to find a concept to arrange all the stuff I bought but failed more than once. After over half an hour I stepped away from the last piece I placed on the hopefully right spot to take a look over my work. God this looked so cheesy, so romantic and like a Hollywood movie cliché. Somehow I liked it; I really did without feeling weird about it.
I was standing in the doorframe looking at all the blue balloons that filled the room, the blue blanket laying on our bed, all the different, useless stuff I bought cause it was blue and the huge banner saying “It is a boy”. I quickly placed the last few things where they belonged when I heard a soft thump, causing me to listen closely again.
Since I didn’t hear anything more I got back to finishing my work. I just taped the corners of the banner to the wall once again when I heard a soft cough behind me. I shot around just to see Jared standing there with an amused but confused look on his face. “What are you doing here?” I was way too shocked so I couldn’t do anything else than standing there, staring at him in disbelief. “I took an earlier flight.” He looked around and when his gaze fixed back on mine, a huge grin was already on his face. “Well ehm… Surprise?!” I bit down on the inside of my cheek, somehow disappointed that I kinda fucked it up. Suddenly two strong arms lifted me up and started to spin me around. I recovered quickly and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist as he kept pressing my body closer to his.
I looked down at him as he smiled at me openly, his eyes teary and my heart aching from joy. “We’re having a son.” I nodded as I felt the tears forming in my eyes again when he passionately started to kiss me. He placed me back on the floor and pressed his lips against mine again, still holding me against him with his hands on my hips while mine were still tangled in his soft hair. Breaking away he took my face in his palms and looked me deep in the eyes. “I can’t find the right words to tell you just how happy I am. You’re giving me a son, the most treasurable gift someone could ask for and god knows how thankful I am for the both of you. I love you baby. I love you so much” He brought his face closer to mine as I whispered I love you too against his lips before they were embracing me in an overwhelming kiss. As he walked me over to the bed until my knees backed up against it and I fell backwards his body was never breaking contact with mine. He was lying on top of me when he lifted my shirt and placed his palm flat across my stomach when he looked at me with the familiar devilish glint in his eyes. “I guess the three of us are having a big party tonight.” I laughed at him while he started to pull my shirt up further.