Brutal, laughing, fighting, fucking
This blog is only for my Fanfiction.
This is for my deepest fantasies and my wildest dreams.

Warning: The stories may contain sexual violence, strong language or very explicit content.
This is pure fiction.
It's your choice:
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May I ask? How old are you? Not that there's nothing wrong with that... I'm just asking, because you're a pretty good at your writing. I love your style, it's just so detailed but in a simple kinda way! It's fucking 'In your face' shit! And, even if you've already been asked this... meh, but... what made you want to write literotica? I would like to adapt my style, (not copying) just adapt it a bit. I'm curious and really fascinated. - BTW You're amazing! #echelove

Oh thank you, I really appreciate your support!
I’m 21 and I always had a huge fascination with words and literature cause you can express so much. You can share a piece of your own fantasy, your own imaginations with other people and I always thought there’s something very beautiful about that. Sex is something really important to me and easy to write cause it’s so raw and pure. There are literally no limits in your own mind and expressing that with words is an amazing thing for me cause the emotions/thoughts/feelings during sex are the highest energy you’ll probably ever reach and that’s simply mind blowing to me.
Ofc I want more. I want to be able to create worlds where people can get lost for a while. That’s something I love about writing.

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I don’t have to justify my behavior to you, you know. I know my writing is pretty good and I thank people all the time for reading my stuff and for their support so don’t throw that bullshit at me.

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