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This is for my deepest fantasies and my wildest dreams.

Warning: The stories may contain sexual violence, strong language or very explicit content.
This is pure fiction.
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imagine shannon convincing you to make a sex tape

You’re nervous as you position yourself on the bed. You watch Shannon putting the camera in place, fixing the angle as he looks back and forth between you and the lense. “You’ll love it, baby girl. Trust me.”imageHe smirks dirtily and stalks closer to you, already opening his belt. “I don’t know… What if someone finds it?” He snickers in this husky way of his. “They won’t. Just relax. It’s only for me when I feel lonely on the road.” You bite your lip and nod your head slowly before you motion him to come closer. “You better make me look good.” He grins and crawls on top of you, ready to give you an oscar worthy performance.

Imagine.. You are in a band too, jared shows up as a surprise at your show

You walk up on stage. Slowly your feet carry you to the microphone in the front. Your hands and knees are shaking. You stop and clear your throat one last time, trying to adjust your eyes to the bright lights. You draw in a last deep breath before you hear the guitar starting, followed by the rhythm of the drums. You start singing and scan the crowd as they slowly lift their hands and start clapping. Then you see him. Your biggest idol. Jared Leto. He stands right at the side of the barriers and dances along in this dorky way of his.
imageYou smile softly and start dancing to your own music, the fact that he was watching the show urged you to give the best performance. You really enjoy being up there, the crowd dancing and cheering to your songs. When you thank the crowd and say goodbye you see how Jared claps overly excited and you feel prouder than ever.

Jared Leto, of course ;)

Imagine Jared and you camping: 

You always knew he loved nature, he was free and wild at heart so it was the most natural place for him. But camping? Not really your cup of tea. You agreed tho when he made the suggestion cause you knew it would be great even when you would sleep on the cold hard ground. Jared packed up everything you guys would need and soon you found yourself in the car on your way into the woods of Hollywood. His second home after the tour bus. You made the campfire while he set up the tent. He put loads of blankets and pillows inside, making it comfortable and warm for the night. You two sat on a thick tree trunk and ate s’mores like little kids. It was amazing. The beautiful night sky over your heads as he was playing silly campfire songs he made up in his weird brain on the guitar. Suddenly he stood up quickly. Putting his finger onto his lips to motion you to be quiet. Your heart is beating fast as he looks around nervously. “Did you hear that?” You stand up as well, grabbing his arm. “Hear what?” He turns his head again, listening closely and you feel yourself starting to panic.
image"Jared let’s go.Please." He suddenly turns around and grabs you quickly, tackling you the ground and making weird growling noises. You laugh and slap him as you try to crawl away from him. "You’re such an idiot." He snickers deeply and brushes the dirt from his jacket. "And you’re such a pussy." 

I love your writing, and all I can say is good luck with everything your doing. I hope you're getting far with your education and all. I mean I could imagine how busy you are, considering the fact that you haven't made an imagine for months now. But as a follower/fan (yes, a Tumblr fan) I can only support you and be grateful for what you've already done. I cannot wait until your next post! Love from the Echelon! <3

Thank you. Bless you. 

Imagine... Jared protecting you from some weirdo trying to hit on you? :) thanks x

Here you go:

You watch the show in awe, always fascinated at the energy that filled the room as soon as the guys entered the stage. You try to stand on the corner so no one would really see you and to watch the concert in peace. You try to enjoy yourself but you can see this guy next to you staring at you in a weird way. You start to feel really uncomfortable at the burning gaze of this stranger so you decide to listen to one more song and then go back to the dressing rooms. You see him walking into your direction, your hands starting to sweat as you look around to find someone from the crew or a security guard. He comes closer and looks you up and down in the creepiest way, brushing his greasy hair back as he stops in front of you, leaning down to whisper something in your ear. You push him away angrily but he only steps closer. Suddenly Jared storms between the stranger and you and pushed him back. The music slowly fades as Shannon comes down as well. Jared is yelling at the guy and trying to control himself while Shannon asks you what was happening. You tell him you’re fine and try to pull Jared back but he’s furious, ready to beat this guy up.
The guy tries to defend himself but only makes Jared angrier and he’s right up his face telling him to back the fuck up, always guarding you with his body. You finally manage to pull him back and the security guys take care of the man. You tell Jared that you’re fine and that you’ll just wait backstage for him. He kisses you really quick and eyes you closely again with his intense eyes before you push him towards the stage and smile at how protective he is as you walk back to his dressing room. 

Oh that's great, thank you! What about going camping?

Who do you want it to be about? 

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A little something

Hey guys,

since I’m too busy to write full stories at the moment I will take requests for small imagines from now on.
You can drop your wishes in my ask box and I will try my best to post a few each day.

Thanks for the support xo

I just wanna let you know that you and your stories are amazing and everyone who complains should go f*ck themselves. I will always support you and the most important thing is, that you're happy! :)

Thank you :)

Im happy your doing your thing to fallow your dreams and if we dont get anymore stories for a while or never i will be sad but i understand and want to thank you for every one you have already given!

Bless your soul and thanks for the support.

who's chloe?

A good friend of Jared and I think she’s his stylist as well.