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Warning: The stories may contain sexual violence, strong language or very explicit content.
This is pure fiction.
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your smut is everything omfg never stop

Thanks :3

JESUS FUCK. I love your stories so much <3 don't ever stop writing, your are very talented :) xx

Why thanks :D

Best smut ever!!! I love you so much. Holy shit.

Bless your soul.



Love is a dangerous game to play

Warning: Contains explicit content. 

We were lying in the tub, surrounded by just the sounds of our breathing and the splashing of water when one of us moved. My head rested against his shoulder while I his hard torso was pressed against my back since he had wrapped his arms around me pretty tightly. He let out a long sigh when I started rubbing his knees and thighs. I turned my head in an awkward way so I could press my lips against his jaw. His scruff tickled on my mouth as it lingered there for quite a time. He groaned when I bit his chin softly and half opened one eye to look down at me. “Don’t be annoying, kitty cat.” I turned around so I could face him and placed my hands on his shoulders while I almost moaned out loud at the feeling of our soapy skin touching. My nipples got hard immediately when my boobs were pressed against his wet chest.  He closed his eyes again and a huge smirk spread on his pink lips as he let his head fall back and started stroking my back lazily. He knew my weaknesses too well, the goose bumps broke out on my skin the second he touched me. I shifted in my position so I could nibble on his neck and ear. He let out a soft moan when I started rubbing my center against his. I took all the courage I had as I leaned in to his ear and took a shaky breath before I spoke. “You ever had a P-spot blowjob?”

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The Devil Leaves A Trail Of Innocent And Guilty

Quick note: This is my first ever vampireJared fic,so there’s gonna be some blood and violence to go alongside the sex. If that’s not your cup of coffee,then sit this one out. If it is,or maybe you’re curious..continue on….

Miss Sandy Anne had…

please make a coachella fanfic


any chance for another Rayon fic? pretty please with a cherry on top of it<3

I have no idea if I’ll get inspired for one again.

Hi there! I want to ask you something. Do dominants like shy , VERY shy, submissives? Sometimes it looks like my Master gets annoyed by it but i'm afraid to ask if he really does.

Idk man. Not every guy is the same. I guess you have to ask him.
I highly doubt that he does cause he would have said something, right?

Personally, this blog helped me to accept the fact that I'm not sick or wrong for liking what I like. It inspired me to start doing some research. I love your stories by the way. All of them. A lot. Sorry to post as another anon-I'm shy.

That’s so sweet.