Brutal, laughing, fighting, fucking
This blog is only for my Fanfiction.
This is for my deepest fantasies and my wildest dreams.

Warning: The stories may contain sexual violence, strong language or very explicit content.
This is pure fiction.
It's your choice:
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Thanks for giving me promos even when I'm so inactive. <3 miss ya xo

Shhhhh ;) and I miss you too.

1 day ago  
can you please recommend some jared smut/fanfiction?

Sorry I don’t really read other stuff out there.
I can only recommend Britt’s stories. You can find them here

What is your opinion on the phenomenon of 50 Shades Of Gray?

Just don’t

who is the person you most like writing about?

Isn’t that quite obvious?

I've missed your filthy Jared a lot. I'm trying to find other smuts about him on the internet but guess what ? no one is as good as you are. I just wish you the best and i hope that someone or something will inpsire you and you'll be able to write another story about Jared. Love you xoxoxo

I know. Hang in there guys. I’m trying my best to find some time soon.

Would you ever buy a Mars M&G?


i have to say, i love how your fucking mind works!


I ship you and jared. BYE.

Yeah me too.

You get a lot of shit from haters, but guess what?! Your awesome and we love you so fuck them! And that person which has something against this because of feminism, is actually an idiot- because feminism also means a women having the right to express themselves (as a person in society and sexually). So I don't think that there's anything wrong with masochism or rough sex unless you choose to do it obviously! And hey, you're right: this is just a blog for your desires. PS You're fucking awesome!x

Very sweet and I never really care about hate from random people tbh. I’m too awesome for that ;)
Thanks for the support xo

No! First of all Jared smut ! We've been waiting too long .

Oh anon you really think this is your decision?